What the heck is a Library for Vagabonds?

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Library for Vagabonds.

If you’ve found your way here, you’ve likely come across one of my books and found yourself intrigued enough to scan the QR code and make your way to my humble internet abode and venture into my library.

This is not your typical library.

 This is a renegade library—an experiment by a roaming bibliophile, a book loving vagabond that still loves to hold a physical book in her hands. I love books and I’ve built up a solid collection, but the thing about roaming is you have to travel light. As I get ready for an amazing international adventure, that will include multiple moves (in the US and abroad), I know now is not the time for my dream library.

So what’s a girl to do?

Share the love! I will still continue to purchase and enjoy books, but since I don’t have the space to keep them, I will send them out into the world. I will tag them as part of the library and then donate them to charity, used bookstores, etc. I will let them be enjoyed by others. But I have this crazy idea—why not track the life of the book? Why not make a community of people that have held the same book in their hands, enjoyed the same words? Why not communicate across time and space and talk about books?

It’s a library and book club all in one. Interested? Here’s my ask of you:

Visit the library, find your book, and leave a comment. How did you find the book? What did you think? Have instagram, take a photograph of it and hashtag it #LibraryForVagabonds

And then…

Send the book back out into the world. Pass it on to a friend, donate it to the library, get creative. Let it be discovered by other people. Let’s start a movement.

Your Friendly, Roaming Librarian

Latrice Marie


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